Sunny flowerpot/Zonnige bloempot

I’m back again with a new project. I had promised you and myself to put a new project online everyday… too difficult while combining with work and household! Then I said each week but even then ūüėČ Things just happen…

Anyway, I used here a metalic pot. First cleaned it with aceton. Then covered with 2 layers of yellowish acrylic paint. I let it dry for few hours! Then I put a quite thin layer of craquelé medium on it. Let it dry and then put the white acrylic paint on it. Again let it dry very well!

Last but the most pleasant step: with Mod Podge I put the rice paper on random places. The whole got seeled by a warnish.

Sunny flower potFlowerpot / BloempotFlower pot / Bloempot